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How does the Active Cream work?



Did you just finish an intense workout and need instant relief? Look no further than Revive & Recover’s Active CBD cream. Our Active line is specially formulated with our fast release technology, penetrating your muscles quickly so you can get back to doing what you love. In addition, we’ve added menthol to give your body the cool, relaxing sensation it’s craving after a tough workout. While some menthol products leave you smelling less than desirable, our Active CBD cream has a smooth, peppermint scent leaving you smelling fresh and clean.

Revive & Recover’s Active CBD cream has 300mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per bottle and is THC free. We recommend using 3-4 pumps of cream each use. In addition to the CBD and menthol, we’ve added another healing oil known for easing inflammation. The combination of ingredients in our Active cream pairs perfectly with tired, aching muscles and joints.

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