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Daytime CBD will change your life!


Do you have a long day of work ahead of you? Do you find yourself rubbing your neck or shoulders at some point during the day? Not every job allows you to move around and stretch as often as your body needs it. Revive & Recover’s Daytime CBD cream was created to help you start your day feeling your best. Our Daytime cream is specially formulated with medium release technology to aide your body through your day to day activities. While the medium release takes slightly longer for the CBD to absorb into your body than the Active cream, the release continues slowly over time, lasting throughout most of your work day.

Revive & Recover’s Daytime CBD cream has 300mg of cannabidiol and is THC free so you can have a clear mind as you begin your day. We’ve added a subtle citrus scent so you smell fresh but won’t overpower any perfume or cologne you wish to wear. Imagine how successful your day and week can be when you start each day feeling your best.

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